Back this Month: One-To-One Inclusion and Diversity Strategy Sessions

MM Creative Solutions’ director, Monica Mwanje, is offering confidential one-to-one inclusion and diversity strategy sessions.  A limited number of 60-minute sessions will be available on selected dates throughout October.

This focused one-to-one session is for those responsible for diversity and inclusion in their organisation.

How does the session work?

The strategy session will provide a sounding board for you to ask questions and test your understanding and ideas in complete confidence. The session will help you to figure out how and where to get started with respect to your inclusion and diversity workplace strategy, or it will help you identify next steps if your journey has already commenced.

Benefits of Inclusive Workplaces

Not only will fostering an inclusive workplace allow for a fairer, more equal work environment for all, it also has much wider benefits to organisations. In a 2018 Deloitte study, organisations with inclusive work cultures are:

  • TWICE as likely to meet or exceed financial targets
  • THREE TIMES as likely to be high-performing
  • SIX TIMES more likely to be innovative and agile
  • EIGHT TIMES more likely to achieve better business outcomes

Book your strategy session by clicking the link here.

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