National Inclusion Week Resources – Part two

As part of National inclusion week, MMCS continues to provide important resources and information to assist you in fostering and contributing to a more inclusive workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace – this brilliant video by DuPont (one of the world’s largest chemical companies) efficiently summarises what everyone in the workplace can do to encourage more inclusive working.

4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Disability-Inclusion Practices, by Ted Kennedy, Jr. , Chad Jerdee and Laurie Henneborn for Harvard Business Review – Companies “see hiring (some) persons with disabilities as being “the right thing to do” but do not see it as part of a talent strategy that will benefit the company and outweigh what they see as the potential expenses and risk… That mindset puts companies at a disadvantage when it comes to acquiring and leveraging the talent they need in today’s tight job market.” This article highlights actions companies can take to increase disability inclusion.

Risha Grant on working to Promote Diversity & Inclusion, by Marie-Claire Chappet for Glamour – Diversity and Inclusion expert Risha Grant shares her story and provides three key action points to address personal and organisational biases. “Risha travels across the country to consult on inclusion in huge companies and corporations. Her findings have been fascinating, namely that no workplace has an “inclusion” or diversity problem; it’s a ‘people’ problem.”

Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace: ‘A safety issue’, by Kevin Druley for Safety and Health Magazine – This excellent article presents the evidence that diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace – specifically lack thereof – can have some devastating side effects for racially underrepresented groups of employees. It emphasises they psychosocial safety is as paramount as physical safety in the workplace.

Pull Up for Change Campaign, by Sharon Chuter on Instagram – This Instagram campaign targets huge corporations, asking them to share their diversity data (in particular diversity data of their Management team or C-Suite staff) to the public. Not only have several large companies shared this data, but they have also laid out clear plans to increase recruitment and retention within underrepresented groups as a result of the campaign.