Inclusion Training

Workers thrive in inclusive workplaces. Inclusion is good for business.  However building and maintaining an inclusive working culture requires focused and continual effort.

Training Offered

  • Introduction to Inclusive Leadership (1 hour training)
  • Facilitated workshop to identify the barriers that are preventing inclusion in the workplace; resulting in the identification of practical steps that can be taken to build a truly inclusive culture.
  • Inclusive Leadership Workshop (Longer more in-depth training)


  • MM Creative Solutions’ founder, Monica Mwanje, discusses her career journey to date. She shares her first-hand experience of the barriers she has faced and discusses how to break these barriers down and navigate the waters.  To hire Monica to come and talk to your organisation, please get in touch via or call +44(0) 3332249737  to discuss.

Virtual On Demand Training

  • Introduction to Inclusive Leadership 

This masterclass will provide attendees with a top level understanding of what inclusive leadership is.
As a result of this training, attendees will be able to formulate a practical action plan that they can apply to their workplace.

Buy it now – Introduction to Inclusive Leadership

The fee provides access to a video recording, an action planning sheet and resources. The training takes approx 1 hour to complete. 


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