“Make Inclusion Culture as engrained in the Industry as Safety Culture” – TotalDecom Webinar, September 2020

Earlier this month, MMCS MD Monica Mwanje delivered a webinar for TotalDecom with her Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear co-founder, Callum Thomas (CEO of Thomas Thor).

The webinar served as an introduction to the initiative but also to offer some of the insights that Monica and Callum have gathered since it began.

They both shared some of the common subject areas and challenges that have been raised by participants of both the LinkedIn group and the two conferences that the initiative has led so far.

Recruitment and retention had been regularly raised as a key challenge and Callum highlighted that retention was the best measure of inclusion and to achieve this, a culture of inclusion must be as engrained within the nuclear industry as safety culture has been. It is also important to invest time and resources to implement a culture of true inclusion, and not one of assimilation. Echoing Callum, Monica pointed out the importance of psychological safety as an enabler for inclusion.

Monica highlighted that Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring programmes were an effective way to develop and maintain an inclusive culture. However, it is necessary to recognise when active sponsorship of those from underrepresented groups within the industry is required. This ensures that they are not overlooked for the development opportunities that they deserve to aid their progression within their organisation.

You watch the entire webinar, which included a Q&A Session with Monica and Callum, via the TotalDecom website.

You can read more about Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear here.