Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear to host TotalDECOM Webinar

MMCS MD Monica Mwanje is soon to take part in TotalDECOM’s regular series of webinars.

Monica will be co-hosting a webinar alongside Callum Thomas, CEO of Thomas Thor. In 2019 Monica and Callum founded Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear, a non-profit initiative to raise awareness of the topic of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and to support people ready to drive change in the UK nuclear industry.

Read more about the 2020 Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear Conference here.

Their webinar for TotalDECOM is titled Lessons and learns from the ‘’Diversity & Inclusion in UK Nuclear’’ initiative which takes place on Thursday 10th September at 11.00am. This is for anyone that would like to hear a summary of what Monica and Callum are doing in Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear and some of the interesting lessons they have both learned from their journey so far.

Monica is also involved in D&I School, an initiative to educate employers and senior managers on building a practical Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Visit the D&I School website for more information.