MMCS MD Monica on the Think Beyond Podcast

MMCS MD Monica Mwanje featured on the latest episode of the Think Beyond podcast, hosted by Steven Cozens.

Monica and Steven talk about Meaningful Diversity & Inclusion in Business, and they cover what is needed to make that happen, how hybrid and home working affects Inclusion efforts, and the importance of enhancing diversity at company board level.

Monica is unambiguous in her view that organisations and leaders who say that they will take action on DEI need to take action. In her words, “it’s not rocket science”. She also elaborates that if a workplace has had racial prejudice, “is that really on the Black employees or the Asian employees to fix and solve when it may be that they are not in the majority group within that work environment”. This is down to the leaders to live to the values they espouse and follow through on inappropriate behaviour. Effectively, this means taking action on discriminatory, homophobic or bigoted behaviour if you say that you have a zero-tolerance approach.

Monica and Steven also cover the Nuclear Sector Deal, which includes the pledge to increase the inclusion of women to 40% of the nuclear workforce.

Listen to the episode of the Think Beyond podcast here.