Introducing: Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear

Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear, the initiative co-founded by MMCS MD Monica Mwanje (alongside Thomas Thor CEO Callum Thomas) has changed its name to Inclusion And Diversity in Nuclear (IDN), effective immediately.

As its press release detailed this week, the reasons for the name change are as follows:

  • Moving the word ‘’inclusion’’ to come before ‘’diversity’’ emphasises the importance of creating and maintaining an inclusive environment before focusing on increasing diversity
  • Removing the reference to ‘’UK’’ in the name does not mean a reduction in UK focus. The drive for more inclusive working environments and more diverse teams is a global effort, spanning all countries and all industries. IDN will remain primarily UK focused but are actively engaging with other countries for examples of best practice and lessons learned
  • The name change is shorter and easier for stakeholders to refer to, alongside the simple acronym of IDN

The logo design has been amended alongside the website URL:

The twitter handle is now @idnuclear and the LinkedIn Page is now titled Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear.

For more information on the initiative and how to get involved, please visit the website or email