Diversity & Inclusion Training and Consultancy at MMCS

In addition to the Business Development and Bid Management services we provide, MM Creative Solutions also provides consultancy and training services on the subjects of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).

With the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement back into public consciousness in 2020, we have seen a steep increase in enquiries on how to address issues and inadequacies of D&I, particularly in the workplace.

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Below is a short case study of a workshop we delivered earlier this year.

Case Study: Inclusive Leadership Masterclass

In April 2020, MM Creative Solutions MD Monica Mwanje , in partnership with Jasmine Gartner, Social Anthropologist and Consultant on Unconscious Bias and D&I, delivered an online masterclass entitled: ‘Introduction to Inclusive Leadership’.

This masterclass gave attendees with a top-level understanding of what inclusive leadership is. Monica and Jasmine explained that Inclusive Leadership was to make the invisible structures of systemic inequality visible, and then changing them. The key point being that these structures are only invisible to those whom they privilege.

Monica and Jasmine also talked about levels of privilege and inequalities within institutions; some people may feel safer and more included in some institutions than others, for example.

They then discussed how the experience of institutions can be different for certain demographic groups (Those with disabilities, and the LGBTQI+ community were two such examples discussed), before giving practical tools and starting points to the attendees, to promote a more inclusive work environment and culture.

As a result of this training, attendees could formulate a practical action plan that they could apply to their workplace.

Feedback from attendees:

“This was a nicely put together workshop that could work as a good basic introduction to Inclusive Leadership. Thank you for running this!”

“The presenters are clearly very passionate about inclusive leadership and deliver the session with empathy.”

“I attended the training about inclusive leadership and I would like to thank the speakers for this interactive and inspiring webinar. It allows me to get the consciousness of my own behaviour that in certain cases could have been exclusive while I always considered myself as open minded to diversity. I realise now that being inclusive needs everyday effort to ask yourself if what you do, the way you do it, is inclusive enough.”

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D&I School is a new initiative from Monica and Jasmine to provide training for senior management and employers, view their website here.