“Construction Big Breakfast” Podcast

MMCS MD Monica Mwanje has recently featured as a guest on the Invennt Ltd Podcast “Construction Big Breakfast”. Host Ben Pritchard interviewed Monica on a variety of topics but the main focus was on Monica’s involvement as co-Founder of Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear.

Monica talked about the rationale behind Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear, and the palpable shift in discussions in the industry about how the workforce can be more diverse and inclusive.

Monica and Ben discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the nuclear industry and that the possibilities of remote working could open up opportunities to a wider talent pool during these challenging times and beyond. The long-term benefits of a more diverse and inclusive workforce in the industry was also covered.

Monica then shared her ambitions for the future of Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear, and her hopes for the nuclear industry overall.

Check out the full conversation in the video clip below. The audio is also available on Apple Podcasts and Podbean.

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