Bid Bootcamp

Bid Bootcamp Training

What is it?

It’s a small group training session, where we take you through our bid process, providing practical strategies and techniques you can apply to produce great, effective bids.

We do this by taking you through the following syllabus:

MMCS Bid Process

We have worked with Engineering, Construction, Technical, Project Management and other Professional Services companies and helped them to win bids. We have poured our experience into this training, so that it helps you maximise your chances of winning too.

What’s different about our training?

The support continues for 2 months after the training day, via our online Bid Bootcamp Follow Up Group. In the group, members can ask questions and we share some more bid tips too. Each training cohort has its own private follow up group, enabling delegates to receive additional support.

Who is the training for?

The bootcamp is for:

  • People who are new to bids and want some guidance and tips to get started.
  • People who need a refresher on putting bids together.
  • People who have a little bid experience and want to add to what they already know.

Whether you are asked to write, manage or coordinate a bid, our bootcamp training will help you turn your bid into a winning one.

Bid Bootcamp Testimonials

“This course is an excellent overview on bid writing that will maximise our chances of winning future opportunities.”

“Identified the key time saving and success rate elements of a bid process. A really useful short course.”

“The course was great! Although I have been working as part of a bid team for two years, I feel I expanded my knowledge even more.”

“A great workshop with valuable insights delivered by professional. Monica is clearly an expert in this field.”

“This was a really useful course that I will be putting into practise when I’m back in the office.”

“This course was really useful to introduce the bidding environment. The interactive activities were helpful to challenge thinking and application and also work with others from different organisations and experience a new perspective.”

“The course identified areas of bidding which I hadn’t previously considered and improved my understanding of the roles other people play in the bidding process.”


How can I attend the next session? 

The Bid Bootcamp 2020 training dates and booking links are provided below.  These sessions will be open sessions. The training will be conducted online. The online bootcamp is a 2 day course, which will be delivered at the stated times, on the stated dates. 

Download a copy of the Bid Bootcamp 2020 calendar here: MMCS Bid Bootcamp updated 2020 calendar

For further information about the above bid bootcamp training sessions, or to enquire about bespoke sessions for your organisation, please email or call 0333 224 9737.

Please note that places are limited on our bid bootcamp training sessions. We deliberately cap the group sizes so that attendees can interact and ask lots of questions, maximising their learning during the training session.