Inclusive Leadership Resources – December 2020

Throughout 2020, some key topics of conversation that consistently came up was around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). At MMCS, these are subjects that we feel strongly about, and one of our main aims is to use our platform to inform and educate our audience. Inclusive leadership is a key area for us; we conduct training on the subject to our clients and we continue to shine a light on this and the benefits it brings to the workplace and, in particular, senior management teams and C-Suites.

Echoing many similar studies and reports, this article by Deloitte from 2019 states, “Boards have an interest in encouraging inclusion as well as diversity… Where an inclusive culture exists, employees are much more likely to see themselves as part of a high-performing organization in which teams collaborate and consistently meet client and customer needs.”

Below is a round up of recent articles, guides, and resources that may give you some pointers to start thinking about inclusive leadership, or will give you some additional perspectives if your organisation is starting to build inclusivity into their working culture.

Here’s how to become a more inclusive leader – republished article from Knowledge@Wharton on World Economic Forum: “What’s your sacrifice? That’s the difference between something being a moment versus a movement.” The linked article summarises a conversation hosted by Stephanie Creary, Management Professor of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Dean Erika James and Corey Anthony, senior vice president of human resources and chief diversity officer at AT&T. They discuss the critical role Inclusion has in the boardroom, the impact of Coronavirus and this summer’s Black Live Matter protests on the prioritisation of Inclusion and Diversity at the corporate level, and the panel also have advice for the next generation of business leaders.

The Four Pillars Of Creating A More Inclusive Workplace – By Shon Dellinger for Forbes: This article simply lays out 4 ways for organisations to increase inclusivity from recruitment through to retention and promotion.

Start, Stop, Continue: how to make your leaders more inclusive – by the Chartered Management Institute: “Inclusive leadership is the behaviours and the processes that lead to the outcomes we need in order to navigate uncharted waters. Inclusive leadership consists of two key things: the first is the creation and maintenance of positive environments where people feel safe; then, within those environments, it’s the creation and maintenance of positive relationships where people feel that what they do and think matters.”

D&I School on LinkedIn and Instagram – MMCS MD Monica, alongside Jasmine Gartner PhD, have created D&I School as a training and education platform. Watch this space for courses in 2021 but in the meantime, a wealth of resources and useful articles are shared on its social channels regularly.