Diversity and Inclusion – Information and Resources Update – September 2020

In recent months, MM Creative Solutions’ founder, Monica Mwanje, has received lots of questions on the topics of: anti-racism, workplace culture, inclusion and diversity. Back in June 2020, she created a news post to direct to articles she had previously written on these topics, and also to direct to some other resources, which you can read here.

The conversation around diversity, inclusion, and particularly anti-racism continues, as it justifiably needs to. So here are some additional articles and resources to inform and educate on these subjects. We hope these are useful to you.

How to ensure your workplace is anti-racist, By Claudine Charles and Geoffrey Williams for People Management – This article explains that company HR departments must play a proactive role in eliminating racism, inappropriate behaviours, injustice and unconscious bias from the workplace, and the steps to take to achieve this.

5 moves that actually increase diversity, equity and inclusion, by Matt Martin for Chief Learning Officer – Another article which provides practical approaches to reduce discrimination and bias.

Edinburgh TV Festival MacTaggart Lecture 2020 (video) – Delivered by Broadcaster, Historian, and Author of “Black and British: A Forgotten History”, David Olusoga talks about his experiences in the UK television industry and his hopes for a more diverse and inclusive industry in the future. You can also read the full transcript here.

Reopening UK offices risks excluding women and minorities, says business chief, by Alexandra Topping for The Guardian – This report details that Chartered Management Institute (CMI) chief executive, Ann Francke warns of women and minority ethnic employees possibly being excluded from returning to work and contributing to key business decisions due to childcare commitments.

A call for antiracist action and accountability in the US nuclear community, by Katlyn M. Turner, Lauren J. Borja, Denia Djokić, Madicken Munk, Aditi Verma for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – This statement addresses a number of discriminatory actions and overt racism by the US Nuclear industry throughout its history and urges its community to do the work to become actively anti-racist.

Most white people don’t believe racial discrimination exists at their workplace, but nearly half of Black employees disagree, by Andrew Keshner for Market Watch (US) – this article clearly sets out the disconnect that still exists between the workplace experience for black employees and that of their white colleagues.

My Racial Discrimination Journey, by Ateh Jewel for Glamour UK – Ateh writes about her experiences growing up, her career as a beauty journalist in the UK and the discrimination she has faced.

Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear Conference 2020 Keynote Speech (video), by Caerus CEO Frank Douglas – Even if you are not part of the UK Nuclear industry, Frank delivers an interesting and insightful speech on his hopes of improving Diversity and Inclusion in an industry that recognises that work still needs to be done to achieve this.