Black History Month – Information and Resources: Part Three

Black History Month continues and throughout October at MMCS, we continue to offer information to inform people about the lived experience of the UK Black community and to celebrate those making a real difference.

We Belong seeks to improve the livelihoods and security of young migrants living in the UK, through parliamentary campaigning, education funding, and leadership training. Co-founded by Chrisann Jarrett and Dami Makinde, who arrived in the UK from Jamaica and Nigeria respectively as children, We Belong’s aim is to end the hostility around immigration, and ensuring barriers to full integration for migrants are removed so that they can contribute to British society.

Watch some the charity’s alumni from their Leadership Programme in this video, talking about how We Belong have helped them in their careers. And find out more about their fantastic work at

Black History Timeline, by Gaverne Bennett for the Guardian – This covers two millennia of global Black History, including evidence of Black communities living in Britain during the time of the Romans. “This is not about creating a separate history; it is about adding to the history we are already familiar with. A story which shows that, from the Romans onwards, Africa’s story has been intertwined with Europe’s and others around the world. It’s a story well worth knowing.”

Kids of Colour – Based in Manchester, Kids of Colour provides a platform for young people of colour to explore race, identity and culture and challenge the everyday, institutionalised racism that shapes their lives. They provide support, workshops, drop-in sessions as well as training organisation who work with young people. You can donate to them here.

Black Pound Day – Established just this June, Black Pound Day was set up to support the growth of the UK Black economy. Starting with one day per month, Black Pound Day encourages everyone to spend money with local and online UK Black-owned businesses. The next Black Pound Day is on 7th November 2020.